General info about Weddings with Susie and the Sidecars.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • The full 5-piece band for your reception
  • A trio for swingin’ standards from the 30’s and 40’s for cocktail  hour
  • A  trio of flute, guitar, & bass for the ceremony.
Even after all this rock-n-roll, three of us *are* actually classically trained and we will play all your favorite Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, and yes, Pachelbel for you.
Here’s some Bach as an example:
Check out our entire classical repertoire list here.


For cocktail hour, we find that audiences really enjoy swing music the best of all.  It’s just fun and easy to listen to without being overbearing.  And we don’t really do the syrupy crooner-style Sinatra thing; what we do is more like, well, here are a couple of examples:


      Blue Moon
 • < this recording is actually 4 of us
      These Foolish Things
 • < and this is just two of us.  We usually play as a trio for cocktails, but anything can happen.


We can also *just* do the reception, or cocktails + reception, or however it works for you and your event.


If this sounds interesting, head on over to Collage Music, our booking agency, and check out wedding packages and booking information.


Questions?  Call Susie: 503-317-5825 or email