The seeds for Susie and the Sidecars were sown way back when gas was cheap enough that ordinary mortals could afford road trips.  Susie herself logged thousands of miles in the backseat of, well, a Volvo wagon (she did grow up in Portland), with her dad, listening intently to the oldies station as the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s embedded into her ear indelibly.

A few decades later, after earning a degree in playing the flute, nurturing a mild obsession for automobiles, experimenting with the saxophone, and marrying guitarist David Langenes, Susie finally formed a band the could play not only the standards of the 30’s and 40’s she grew up hearing sung by her grandmother (a professional big band singer), but also – and especially – the harder-rocking ear candy from the subsequent era of rockabilly, girl groups, and doo-wop harmony bands.  The result: Susie and the Sidecars, a band with a broad stylistic palette of timeless midcentury American music with inter-generational appeal and a penchant for having the most fun possible.

We do weddings, including ceremony and cocktail hour music! See our weddings page for details.

Band Members:

Susan Langenes, lead vocals and saxophone

Ian Miller, lead guitar and backup vocals

David Langenes, guitar and backup vocals

Don Lawry, drums

Allen Hunter, Brent Martens and Keith Brush, bass (but not at the same time!)