Wedding Reception Band Q & A

Below are some answers to common questions about our band. Keep in mind that every event is different, and unlimited individual consultation is always available.

Q: Why on earth would we hire you?


  1. We have played roughly one zillion weddings.
  2. We know how to not be too loud.
  3. We bring and operate all our own gear.
  4. We have probably played at your venue before.
  5. We will shamelessly cover just about any song (see below).
  6. Everyone loves swing and golden oldies!

Q: Can you play “____________” (insert name of song here)?

A: Yeah!  As we’re sure you can imagine, some things will be perfect for us and others will be really hard to pull off.  So be sure to consult with us and we’ll try to explain how your song requests will sound.  Unfortunately, we do NOT have the ability to make demo recordings for you for specific song requests.

It’s best to give us a general idea of what you like within the range of styles we play, and let us take it from there.  But for your first dances, we’ll learn anything you want. Up to three songs.  

Q: Can we come see you play around town?

A: Of course! We try to keep our home page updated with our regular shows.
Notable other projects you can see anytime:

Q: What about breaks? How many and how often? Will you play recorded music on your breaks?

A: Breaks are about 10-15 minutes, and yes, we can plug in our iPod, your iPod, or a CD player. You can leave the music selection up to us (in which case we’ll choose music along the lines of what we’re playing at your event). You are welcome to supply your own CD’s or playlists.

The number of breaks and when we take them is something we’ll discuss with you to make sure the event flows smoothly.  If the engagement is four hours or longer, we will need one slightly longer meal break at some point.  Usually at a wedding, we can do this at toast time.

Q: Will you Emcee the event?

A: Of course! Give us a script or a general idea of what you want announced. David usually does the emcee duty.  Yes, you may use our mic for your toasts.  We can also arrange to bring an extra one for you.

Q: How will the band dress?

A: Unless otherwise requested, a semi-formal dress for Susie, and dark matching suits for the guys.

Q: What if we have scheduled you to stop at a specific time but the party’s still going? Can you keep playing?

A: We’d love to! Bribery and flattery will get you everywhere in these situations.

More questions? Call Susie at 503-317-5825.