Duff’s February 13

Duff’s February 13

A couple of lovely shots of us at Duff’s the other night.  Jake brought his fabulous (and very Valentine’s Day-appropriate) red sparkle Leedy drums.  Check out the weird-cool double exposure on the second pic!  Thank you D’Anne Cranston Cantrell for the photos!


Since I know you’re wondering: Amorphous boron is used in pyrotechnic flares because of its distinctive green flame.  Also, boron carbide is one of the hardest substances known to man.  It’s great for all your sandblasting needs.


A fine batch of new songs

A fine batch of new songs

I am tickled with these new covers!  You just wait….

“Evening” – Julie London

“Sway” – Julie London… I’m gonna do an interesting little twist on this.  Involving background vocals from the boys.

“It Might As Well Rain Until September” – Helen Shapiro — Which reminds me!  I gotta dig further into her repertoire.  She’s nothing short of fantastic!

“I Burned Your Letter” – Damita Jo.  What a crackerjack tune.

That’s just half of ’em!  We’ll debut most of these on the 13th at Duff’s.  Looking forward to it!

Happy Hours at Duff’s Garage

Happy Hours at Duff’s Garage

We are back from winter break, which ended up being a lot of fun in the practice room!  Duff’s will be hosting us on every SECOND Monday of each month for a happy hour show!

I know, that’s hard to remember.  I’ll keep everyone updated, I promise.

Here are the next few dates:

February 13, 6-8 pm

March 12, 6-8 pm

April 9, 6-8 pm.

See you there!